Rosemead : Widcombe Prive

Client Name: 
Rosemead Corporation
Project Scope:: 

The proposed Widcombe Privé residential development is situated within the Widcombe Estates gated community at the end of Doorly Boulevard, St. Andrew. The 53,617 sqm/13.25 acre plot is situated at the highest plateau within the
estate, with views of Kingston and St. Andrew stretching from August Town and Mona Reservoir to the Liguanea plains and westward toward the sunset.

With a plot to footprint ratio of 7.2%, the Privé development achieves thirty-eight (38) generously sized units with ample amenity, recreational and green spaces for owners to enjoy. The thirty-eight total unit count is comprised of:
- Two (2) One Bedrooms
- Two (2) Two Bedrooms
- Sixteen (16) Three Bedrooms
- Sixteen (16) Four Bedrooms
- Two (2) Five Bedrooms

Privé developments’ total built area of 22,490 sqm/242,081 SFis distributed between eight (8) superstructure levels,
one (1) split level and two (2) basement levels. The basement levels are dedicated to 71 of the 101 parking bays,
owner storage and building infrastructure. The entry floor level has primarily resident amenity spaces inclusive of a
gym, wine room, conference halls, work-from-home offices, pool and pool deck. The remaining superstructure levels
are dedicated to the residential units with necessary ancillary and service spaces.

Project Duration: 
Permitting Stage Only