Twenty-Nine Thirty-Nine : Warehouses

Client Name: 
Twenty-Nine Thirty-Nine Ltd
Project Scope:: 

The project is proposed for lots 29 and 39 of a larger, ninety-four acre (34 hectare) site at Ferry, St. Andrew. The site is bounded on the south by the Mandela Highway, adjoining lots to the north and east and open lands to the west. The site is relatively flat.
The project comprises the construction of a building with a 4,148 sq.m footprint, on a two (2.0) acre/ 0.80 HA site, to accommodate a six (6) warehouses with open plan storage areas, a mezzanine level, delivery truck/trailer yards and general vehicular parking. The warehouse component is to accommodate the receipt and storage of goods for distribution, but will not include manufacturing. Warehouses are to be used to store non-hazardous material for non-hazardous uses. It is envisioned that the mezzanine level can accommodate an open plan office area if required.

Project Duration: 
May 2020 to April 2021